Mobile Photography

You think you need a good camera to take good pictures. But what if you don't have one, or you don't have it with you but still want to capture the moment? Chances are that you do have a mobile phone camera with you.

The Mobile Photography course teaches you how to take great shots with your mobile camera.


Mobile Photography

Successful Negotiation

Do you ever feel like you could have done better in negotiating something? Not sure how to even start or manage a negotiation? Many people find negotiating intimidating.Negotiation is part of our everyday life. Whether you are negotiating in a job or a business situation or with family or friends it is a good skill to have.

In this course you find out which skills you need to have to be a successful negotiator.


Successful Negotiation

Tame Your Temper

Giving in to your temper doesn't help anyone. Not the driver you are swearing at, not your colleague you are throwing the stapler at, not your friends or family who are watching you lose control. As Aristotle already stated a long time ago: "getting angry is easy, communicating it properly is the tough part".

We don't want you to hold on to your anger until it eats away at you. So, instead, use this course to get your hotheadedness under control.


Tame Your Temper

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Currently available in English & Arabic more to come soon!

MAcademy, is an interactive Mobile Learning environment which provides a new way to learn on the go.

The high quality courses offered are unique and cater to a wide variety of audiences, fulfilling their specific needs and requirements. Whether it is learning a foreign language, mastering the art of mobile photography, becoming an expert negotiator or polishing your communication skills - everything is just a touch or click away.


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Mobile Photography

Uncover the trade secrets of mobile photography and start taking impressive photos like a pro.

Mobile Photography

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Successful Negotiation

Learn the art of successful negotiation and how you can use it to empower your every day life.

Successful Negotiation

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Tame Your Temper

Don't hold on to your anger. This course will show you how to get your hot headedness under control.

Tame Your Temper

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